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Our Story

Welcome friends ❤️ 

I’m Caitlin, founder and mama of The Joy Book.

I’m a wife and I’m a mom to two littles. Motherhood was not what I expected. I knew it would be hard, but I never knew that the days would feel endless and that I would feel broken for not finding the joy and fulfillment that everyone seemed to described.

With help, I realized that so much of how I mothered was dictated by fear of what I felt other people would think of me if I didn’t put them to sleep a certain way, or feed them a certain way, or discipline them a certain way or blah blah blah…..A CERTAIN WAY.

Give me a virtual 🙌🙌🙌 if you know this feeling.

My mindset began to change with a tough pregnancy where I GAVE MYSELF PERMISSION to throw the rule book out the window and get down to bare bones survival. So, we slowed down. We snuggled and watched a ton of TV, took naps together, had fast food, and took many baths a day. 

This drastic shift made me realize in a very dramatic way what expectations I had that weren’t serving me. From there, I had a clean slate to recreate a motherhood I wanted--one that brought me immense and very real joy (a feeling that at many points I had no hope in finding).

This story is why I’m here! Our mission is to give moms hope that thriving in motherhood IS possible for them. We want to inspire them to start CREATING joy in their own way and our products are specifically made to support each mom in that journey.

From my very deepest core, I want you to feel like you are a part of our Joy Tribe that will encourage, uplift, and cheer you on! Joy is not a one-stop shop. It takes continual effort, but I can’t wait to keep dancing on this journey with each of you!