Our Story

Welcome friends!

I’m Caitlin, The Joy Book's founder and mama.

I’m a wife and I’m a mom to two littles. For a long time, each day felt endless with these little guys, and I was living nap time to nap time.

Admittedly I’m a family tradition junkie. Ya know, the kind who loves the idea of celebrating National Lemonade Day and National Hug-a-Stranger Day (I don’t actually know if that’s a thing---I would bet on it though). I came to depend on those celebrations to add a few points of light to the monotony of my day-to-day life.

Then I had a light-bulb moment—I don’t need a special day to celebrate and find joy in my home. I can create happiness in our everyday activities. I’m talking about cooking together and licking the spoon, cuddling together during Friday night movies, writing sweet notes, going to the library every week, bonding at mealtime, and actually getting down on the ground and playing with my babies.

The Joy Book’s collection is meant to inspire you to focus on those people who matter most, and to find real joy in the everyday.