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I love my necklace! A few days after I got my necklace I was having a challenging day #momlife and the thought came to me 'Hey! It's okay! Go put on your necklace!' Wearing it reminded me to slow down and do my part to create joy instead of frustration and anger. My day didn't get easier but it did get better. I love the simple reminder and I love the design of the necklace itself.


I absolutely love my new necklace! It is well-crafted and elegant. Especially, the message is a sweet reminder to me that I can forgive myself my imperfections and count the many things that I AM doing right as a mother, without worrying if my version of parenthood is meeting others’ expectations. I can Create Joy for myself and my family every day through small things - thank you for the reminder!


I will love school lunch time with your adorable notes! I love that I'll be able to remind my babies that I love them even when they're not with me, and even when they're not babies anymore.


The Unplug box is an adorable reminder to give myself time away from my cell phone.


"When I saw this necklace collection from The Joy Book, it immediately spoke to me! I would love to get all of them someday, as they are each such important reminders for mamas. I chose to get the "Create Joy" necklace which was the one that spoke to me the most, and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Wearing it provides such a beautiful, subtle reminder to focus on creating and embracing the joyful moments throughout the day for both myself and my toddler. It also helps me share that important reminder with others who see it.  The necklace is so versatile! I love that the length is adjustable. It's wonderful to wear by itself or as a layering piece! I usually wear it layered. It's wonderful for every day wear or for dressing up too.  I love it so much I bought it for gifts because I know they will love it too! Both the gold and silver necklaces are high quality and have a beautiful finish that looks like it will last for a long time, which is great because I wear it so often. I am very satisfied with my purchase!"